White Cube has developed the Watcher from customizations of one of the most reputed monitoring tools in the market. Based on the Zabbix platform, Watcher is a network and database equipment monitoring system that provides a centralized interface for controlling the IT environment, delivering alerts and notifications that ensure quick reactions in the event of a problem in the environment assets, Minimizing the possibility of business downturns.

Watcher unites all the necessary components to identify slowness and instabilities, and can detect bottlenecks and common faults in environments. With this, White Cube delivers a tool that allows you to clearly visualize the behavior and trend of monitored resources.

boxThe counters monitored by the Watcher, and each deployment requires a certain customization. Through continuous monitoring of these counters and proper verification of their values, it is possible to detect numerous problems in advance, making its proactive correction feasible and minimizing unfavorable consequences to the environment.

With a centralized interface for environmental control, Watcher allows a proactive monitoring system to be established.

Your Alerts and Notifications ensure that operators have enough information to react quickly to any problem in the company’s assets.

We monitor any Component of its structure. From the door of your elevator, to the tension of a nobreak or the parts produced by a lathe, also by the amount of thread of an application, checking if your web page is online or offline, or even the quantity of products sold In your CRM ”

Intuitive graphics allow you to analyze a long history, being able to compare the present and the past, predicting trends for the future in order to anticipate demands for updating, repairs, expansion of the environment, among other requirements.

Pacotes e Preços

Pacote Contadores * Valores **
1 Windows Pack Até 30 contadores R$ 20,00/mês
1 Linux Pack Até 30 contadores R$ 20,00/mês
1 Database Server Pack (Include MaintDB) Até 100 Contadores R$ 50,00/mês
1 Additional Pack 100 Contadores R$ 50,00/mês
1 Month Histórical Pack Até 1000 Contadores R$ 10,00/mês
E-mail Alert Pack Ilimitado Free
WhatsApp Alert Pack Ilimitado Free
SMS Alert Pack 150 SMSs R$ 190,00/mês
10 Operators N/A R$ 10,00/mês
1 WatcherBox N/A R$ 499,00
Remote Monitoring Team N/A “Entre em contato”

* Pre-set counters, according to the best practices found in the market.

** Values ​​subject to change without prior notice approximate


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