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Fãs na arquibancada

Come and fall in love with the Girl's Cup
From fans to numbers!

The Women's World Cup is much more than a sporting event. It's a celebration of the strength, determination and drive of the players who enchant us with their skills on the pitch. The passion and vibrancy of fans around the world are contagious, and it is exactly this emotion that moves us to embark on a unique journey, the Girl's Cup!


Starting on the 20th of July, we will experience fierce disputes, meet new sports heroines and witness inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles. White Cube, driven by a passion for women's football, has combined its expertise in data to tell a special piece of this story. And best of all: you will be part of this exciting experience!


Through our dashboard, you will have access to an avalanche of information about the competition. Detailed statistics for each match, analysis of player performance, exclusive competition information and much more will be available in one place.


But the Girl's Cup is not just about statistics and numbers. It's about the magic of sport, it's about the journey of warrior women who leave everything on the field to achieve their dreams. And that's exactly why we decided to share each step of this passionate project!


Our technical team made available exclusive episodes that will show the stages in the development of the Girl's Cup. These videos will be made available on our social networks (LinkedIn and Instagram), bringing you even closer to the universe of data analysis. After all, this experience is meant to be lived together, side by side with all those passionate about data and women's football.


Join us on this exciting adventure! Experience the magic of the Cup through numbers, passion and our connection to the sport we love so much. Access the Girl's Cup dashboard right now and get ready to fall in love with every detail of this unique universe. ​


  • Sport Magic: A passionate journey of warrior women who seek their dreams told through numbers.

  • Dashboard Copa das Gurias: Information gathered in a single place.

  • Exclusive Episodes: Follow the development of the Copa das Gurias project on social networks and immerse yourself in the universe of data analysis.

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