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With PowerBI TV Wall you use the PowerBI Embedded features to display your PowerBI screens on TVs and Wall Panels.

PowerBI TV Wall is the solution to project your Reports, Dashboards or Tiles on TV Walls.

Build your Transparency and Corporate Planning Wall, your Control Tower, your Planning Room or War Room, allowing everyone to view the same data.

The PowerBI TV Wall uses only technologies approved by Microsoft and combines the functionalities of PowerBI Embedded in an easy and simplified way.



  • Screens Display​:

    • Allows you to select PowerBI components in a simplified way, limiting to the user's permissions.

    • You can view PowerBI Reports, Dashboards or Tiles.

    • You can also display any web page using a URL.

    • The screen updates follows a recurrence scheduling (refresh timer), according to your configuration.

    • Enables the display in Full Screen or Screen Proportion.

    • Enables the display of multiple screens on a single TV, easily and without overlapping screens.

    • Enables multiple screens to be displayed on the same TV or TV position.

    • It is possible to configure Screen Groups, so that items belonging to the group alternate themselfs in the screen (switching screens).

    • Background colors can be configured to maintain adherence to the layout of the dashboards.

    • It can show the last and next time the screen updates.

    • It updates the screens transparently, with no impact on data display.

    • It displays a Print Screen of the last screen when re-authenticating, allowing the display to be seen, even when the process of reopening is being performed.

    • It is possible to automatically open all screens when opening the PowerBI TV Wall, memorizing the positions and locations where each component should be displayed.

  • Authentication:

    • Enables the functionality of "Embedd for Your Organization" and "Embedd for You Customers".

    • Allows authentication with API using "Master Users" or "Azure Applications".

    • Enables the use of Azure application secrets.

    • Performs automatic re-authentication when Tokens expires.

  • PowerBI Licenses:

    • Works using Azure PowerBI Embedded or PowerBI Pro licenses.

  • Important Notice:

    • Use the PowerBI TV Wall, according to the appropriate licensing for your company and environment, respecting Microsoft licensing policies.

Download and use for free

Contact WhiteCube for PowerBI Reports Development or PowerBI TV Wall implementations

We are still developing and improving this version of PowerBI TV Wall.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us by email:

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