We are a technology company that works to deliver, more than systems and tools, intelligence to organizations. To do so, our offer is based on two pillars: one of solutions in Database, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Softwares, and another of consultancies and training in these areas, aiming to help companies to get the most out of each solution.

Our team has a high degree of specialization and technical knowledge, being formed by full and senior professionals, all with certifications from the most recognized manufacturers in the IT market, besides outstanding experience in the national scenario.

Technology needs to be allied with business strategy to make a business productive and competitive. We know how to promote this alliance in the most functional and appropriate way to each client’s demand and planning. Count on us.


To offer to our clients the highest degree of quality, specialization and technical knowledge for the participation in projects and accomplishment of consultancies in the area of ​​Information Technology, sharing the Accumulated Knowledge.


To become a reference in quality and a high degree of specialization in the accomplishment of projects in Information Technology.


  • Ethical behavior

  • Transparency

  • Competence and Professional Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Share

  • Respect

  • Valorization of Human Capital, respecting its differentials

  • Commitment to the customer


White Cube provides consultancies and training through a proven specialist team. Our professionals have official certifications on the products in which they operate, granted by the largest manufacturers in the market. Such recognition results from our continuous investment in team qualification and attention to the most demanding requirements of our partners, aiming to guarantee the best service and the best services.