White Cube’s exclusive product, MaintDB is a complete tool, with comprehensive features ranging from database administration and maintenance to advanced mechanisms to aid in troubleshooting and tuning the environment.

Our team has applied all of its expertise to the development of a product designed for routine DBA procedures and tasks, which enables the DBA to automate and standardize executions in an agile manner with reduced time and productivity gains.

Based on best practices and recommendations from Microsoft, MaintDB automates DBA tasks to reduce complexity and significantly improve the stability of the production environment.

In addition to being an end-to-end tool, MaintDB serves as a repository of information, with history of executed routines that can be used by Watcher to monitor and ensure the continuity of services.

All components that are run by MaintDB are native to the Database, using commands and procedures specific to the Database platform. This feature ensures that all procedures are performed according to the manufacturer’s specification used by the company.

When used together, Watcher and MaintDB ensure 100% proactive management focused on continuous improvement.