White Cube provides expertise and excellence in Infrastructure Technical Support for

Platform of solutions of the Microsoft – the one most used in the market, containing products for the most different scenarios and solutions

Microsoft Windows Server:

The most widely used server operating system on the market, using tools such as Active Directory, IIS, Certitication Services, VPN, Terminal Services and others.

Microsoft Exchange Server:

The most popular corporate email management tool.

Check out the Microsoft Exchange Server solution in the Cloud. White Cube can help you with the deployment and migration of the whole scenario.

Microsoft ISA Server and / or TMG Server: Microsoft’s access control system, a powerful firewall that assists your company in the use of Cache, VPN, and Access Controls.

Citrix Xen App:

The most popular Virtualized Access management tool.

Citrix Xen Server:

One of the most robust virtual machine management environments on the market.

Windows Server

Installation and configuration of reliable operating systems to keep your business environment stable, up to date and secure.

Active Directory

We install, configure and maintain your organized and easy-to-manage logical structure for greater control of your network environment.

Virtualization (Hyper – V / Citrix Xen App)

Solutions that maintain your environment with a high availability allowing your company to produce safely and quickly in a modern and reliable infrastructure.

Terminal Services

We plan and implement the remote access service, ideal for an environment where there are applications that several employees need access to.


We monitor your environment with a tool customized by the White Cube team, we work on preventing problems such as disk space, excessive CPU usage, RAM memory among others, thus preventing stops and keeping your environment stable.


Diverse solutions to avoid the loss of important information of your company thus maintaining a great reliability and availability of your data.

Exchange Server

Installation, migration and maintenance of your mail server while maintaining the security, control and organization of your mailboxes.

TMG Server

We install and configure your network environment with the necessary security to avoid threats from the entire external network. By controlling the access of your internal network to the internet we maintain a safe and reliable segment.

Internal Monitoring

Installation and configuration to keep your internal network stable thus providing better performance and control of your environment.

Microsoft Lync

Installation and configuration of communication services optimizing your time for greater productivity