The WHITE CUBE, Works with leading business intelligence tools such as Microsoft, Microstrategy and Tableau.

Together with Microsoft, we are a highlight among Brazilian partners, having been the first company in Rio Grande do Sul to receive authorization to act as an official partner in the Microsoft PowerBI offer.

It is a Business Intelligence solution capable of integrating all the data of your company and transforming them into useful information for decision making.

Microsoft’s BI solution is based on the Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office suite tools, and is also easily integrated with the enterprise-ready environment, making it easy to join the solution and master your resources by users the most diverse areas.

And speaking of users, they also figure as one of the great benefits of working with the Microsoft Platform, since teams have traditionally been accustomed to using tools from Microsoft such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, which are some of the components of the platform of BI. This improves acculturation to new solutions and amplifies utilization, increasing productivity.

The Microsoft BI Platform is widely used as the basis for other Business Intelligence solutions from local manufacturers. In this way, deploying Microsoft BI tools also enables organizations to extend the BI solutions they already use, driving production gains and assertiveness across all departments.

The platform included in Microsoft SharePoint Server, which includes Work Flow, File and Data Management, Intranets and Business Intelligence functionalities, acts as a true user portal for the Collaboration Portal, enabling the construction of sites that will significantly improve business performance.

Microsoft SQL Server (Database)

SQL Server is the data repository, where all information will be centralized and stored, building the Data Warehouse and / or Data Mart of the business.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

SSAS is the tool that analyzes Data Warehouse data and manipulates it to provide information relevant to decision making. This is responsible for creating cubes and running OLAP queries.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 

It is the Microsoft collaboration portal, and one of its components is the generation of rich dashboards and dashboards for business performance, including dynamic graphics, summary data such as a Balanced Scorecard, and more

Microsoft PowerPivot

This product won the Software of the Year award in 2010, being a very rich tool that extends the possibilities of querying the data. This is the main tool for creating Self-Service BI and BI for Everyone.


Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server. It makes BI faster and easier than ever. Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers. Let your business find answers in minutes – when and where they are.

The Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform consists of 7 Basic Tools.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS is responsible for fetching data from many different sources and centralizing it in the Data Warehouse. This is the most widely used ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool on the market.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

SSRS is one of the data visualization tools in the BI environment. It is responsible for creating report, graphs and small data presentation dashboards.

Microsoft Office Excel

A powerful and familiar data query tool, through Pivot Tables and Dynamic Graphs. Excel Sheets can be imported into SharePoint to provide a very rich presentation.


MicroStrategy Managed Services provides a proactive approach to managing BI environments. Improve the quality and reliability of your BI operations by outsourcing day-to-day IT management and management to our Managed Services specialists.

Power BI

Data mashup with advanced features, powerful analysis and reporting features. Combine data from different banks, archives and web services with visual tools that increase visibility into operations, customers and businesses, helping you gain insights for better decision-making and assembling business strategies.

THE White Cube provides the entire intelligence and technological and human resources necessary to deliver your company the highest degree of satisfaction on the deployment and development of the line of Business Intelligence.

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