Under continuous investment in updating and specialization, the White Cube offers All the knowledge and know-how required to conduct successful database deployment projects Microsoft SQL Server In companies of the most diverse segments.


Database Consulting:

  • Installation;
  • Maintenance e Previous Checking ;
  • Modeling and Developing of apps or parts of apps;
  • Optimizing and Tuning of all solution;
  • Analysis;
  • Creation;
  • Development and Implement of all business line;
  • Manipulation of Database;

DBA Inside Service

White Club has a team of certified DBAS to resolve all the demands in your environment.

We offer services of specialized support to all levels of Database providing more security and performance to the environment.

  • Certified technicians and specialized in mission-critical environments.
  • Recovery of environments in case of disaster.
  • Performance & Tunning of Data Base.
  • SQL Commands/ Applications

The ultimate in security, reliability and scalability: these are Microsoft SQL Server guarantee for your company.

According to data from Microsoft itself, the integration of transactional advanced analysis of its Database software can be defined as “revolutionary” because it goes beyond the traditional model, which incurs high latency due to data movement and does not scale As data volumes increase, generating application overhead.

With MS SQL Server, this does not happen: the process of extracting and analyzing data is straightforward and simplified, taking the analysis closer to where the data is managed.

The result? Much more assertive, easy-to-use analytical applications available in software that can serve as a central server for analytical business models, generating deep simplification of how critical intelligence applications can be produced and managed to drive business growth.

It is no wonder that the Microsoft SQL Server it’s the Database Management System And solutions platform Business Intelligence Which grows more in acceptance and use in the market, offering a low TCO against the competitors without giving up the excellence in management, control and performance resources.