Database Consulting

All support your company needs in installations, migrations, administration, configuration and tuning performance of your Database environment.

Business Intelligence

Construction of Business Intelligence environments, using various techniques of Extraction, Analysis and Presentation of Data.

Data Integration

Data Integration between several applications, allowing the communication between distinct and independent systems and the formation of Production Mats.

Servers and Clouds

All the support you need for your In Company server platform or Cloud structure

A tool based on the Zabbix platform, Watcher is an essential system for the entire IT infrastructure. Enabling the monitoring of network equipment, operating systems, database and numerous others, it offers a centralized interface for controlling the IT environment. Watcher turns problems into proactive work.


A set of best practices for efficient and effective administration of Microsoft SQL Server. This tool ranges from the essential procedures for managing and maintaining a database to the most advanced utilities, helping and reducing the repetitive effort of the DBA Team.


All data, anywhere, anytime.

Power BI is a cloud-based data analysis service that provides a unique view of your business, making your business more competitive and collaborative.